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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet CleaningAll-American Carpet Care can handle all types of carpet cleaning in both residential and commercial settings. From polyester to olefin we can clean all types of fibers using various carpet cleaning techniques. The most common type of carpet cleaning we do is HWE or Hot Water Extraction. We use the high power of our truck mount to rinse way-unwanted stains, odors, and soil. We also use VLM or Very Low Moisture techniques to clean carpets in Redding CA. We even have Methods of carpet cleaning that are GREEN or ECO FRIENDLY. Ask your technician about which method is best for you and your needs!

All-American Carpet Care takes careful consideration about which carpet cleaning products we use in our customers homes. We strive to be the best carpet cleaning company in Redding CA on every level. Which is why we continue to research and test products to ensure you get the safest and most efficient cleaning you’ve ever had. Each of our products is hand selected and considered to be superior to the harsh chemicals other companies are leaving behind in your home. We wont leave your carpet over wet, smelly, or crunchy once we are finished. All-American Carpet Care leaves each carpet cleaning job cleaner, brighter, and healthier than before!

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an acquired skill, and not everyone can accomplish the same results that All-American Carpet Care consistently delivers. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is imperative. All-American Carpet Care is Redding CA #1 choice when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. We are Redding CA neighborhood carpet cleaners. We know carpets, and we know how to clean them, Spot/ Stain & Odor Removal is our business.

When you’re looking for the right carpet cleaner, Redding CA, All-American Carpet Care delivers the results you are looking for. Call today (530) 410-8449

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