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Kayaking on the Sacramento River in Redding, California

Kayak On The Tranquil Sacramento River
The Sacramento River is the largest river in California. Each year, over 8 million visitors flock to this area for camping, fishing, swimming and boating. If you enjoy kayaking in a tranquil environment, the 21 mile scenic tour from Redding to Balls Ferry is right up your alley. The wildlife is abundant and you can expect to see black-tail deer, beaver, river otters, bobcats and coyote’s during your kayaking travels.

It is recommended that you are a class II skilled boater when traveling through this river. While the waters are calm, there are overhanging trees and strong eddies that can be dangerous. Since the river flow levels change frequently, it’s a good idea to contact the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation prior to your excursion. The Sacramento River has miles of public shoreline and several boating access areas. When kayaking, you should stay clear of East Sand Slough. This is a heavier jet boat racing and water-skiing area. In Iron Canyon, the river flows slower than other areas. Canoeists may have to do heavy paddling to progress from one section of the river to another.

Kayak fishing is very popular on the Sacramento River as it supports four runs of chinook salmon. There is also an abundance of rainbow and steelhead trout, bluegill, striped bass, Pacific lamprey, large and smallmouth bass, shad, minnows, sturgeon, catfish and Sacramento sucker. The fall is known to be the best time of the year for kayak fishing. With over one thousand miles of waterways, there are always excellent areas to explore along the Sacramento River.

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