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Pet Odor Control

Here at All American Carpet Cleaning we love our pets. Pets can brighten your day and it’s a fact that those who have pets often live longer. They give of themselves and support us on matter what. The only down side is that our pets can make it a real challenge to keep the home clean. No matter how well trained they are, there are times when pets can have accidents and it’s difficult to keep your home clean and fresh when your pet has had an accident.

It can be difficult to deal with a pet urine accident once one has occurred. In addition, if you’re not at home all day, it’s also hard to figure out sometimes where your pet may have had a pet accident so that you can clean it thoroughly. Using a UV light, we can find those areas and apply the carpet cleaning magic that you’ve come to expect from All American Carpet Cleaners. Pet odor removal, Redding to Sacramento is imperative. Keeping your home clean so that your space is kid friendly is important to you.

Pet Odor ControlUsing cleaners that are earth friendly , as well as child and pet friendly is also important. That’s why we strive to find the carpet cleaning solutions that can clean your home completely, but keep it environmentally friendly.

The carpet shampoo that we use here at All American Carpet Cleaning in Redding helps to locate the source of the urine or other pet odor and put a chemical reaction into place that removes the odor of the urine and cleans the carpet thoroughly so that you and your family have a clean living space. For pet odor removal, Redding and the surrounding area, All American Carpet Cleaning has you covered. Call today to see what we have to offer your home or residential spaces.

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