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 The Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, California

Set along the banks of the Sacramento River in Redding, California is a 300 acre park that is known as Turtle Bay Exploration Park. This is not your everyday park though, this is home to activities, education, and unique experiences between humans and the world around them.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park invites visitors in to explore and witness the story of the area and the people that have lived there. Guests can enjoy a permanent collection of art that covers landscapes, abstract expressionist work, woodblock prints, macramé, and dozens of other styles from a huge array of artists. There are also rotating exhibits of artwork that come and go, they include student art, photography, and more. There is also an area called the Design Zone where guests can step behind the scenes to discover how math is used in many different fields.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park is also home to many different animals, most of whom are rescues who will live their lives out in the beautiful park. Take a stroll through the areas to discover the more than 64 species that call the area home including fox, raccoon, tortoise, owls, snakes bobcats, beavers, badgers, lizards, spiders, and the porcupine. Some animals are even available for interactive experiences with guests! For those who want more, the parrot playhouse is a great space to spend the afternoon. The aviary can be walked through and includes birds of every color of the rainbow. Finally, head to Aquatic Adventures where guests of all ages can learn all about the aquatic ecosystem and how vital the Sacramento River is to the area in a number of fun ways including feeding fish and beaver, and other interactions.

Finally, take a walk through the beautiful McConnell Arboretum & Botanical Gardens which are on the north end of Turtle Bay Exploration Park. Along with hundreds of breathtaking trees, flowers, and other plants, you’ll be treated to a beautiful mosaic fountain in the oasis, an amazing Sundial Bridge, and benches to relax and take in all the wondrous beauty nature has to offer.

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